The PTFE product applications demonstrated on this page are only for informational purposes. They do not represent particular application recommendations or guarantees of the safety, suitability, or performance of these products.

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric


  •  Production of bags and sacks
    •  Doypack , stand-up, stand-up pouches

Packaging machinery

  •  Protection for the plastic sealing bar 
  • Heat-shrink packaging 

Production of uPVC windows

  •  Welding Mirror Protection 
    •  Sleeves, endless films, precuts 

Food industry

  •  Baking sheets. 
  • Non-stick support 
  •  Vacuum heat-sealing of foodstuffs 

Industrial machinery equipment

  •  Conveyor belts with or without guidance 
  •  Transport of food or goods. 
  • For drying or shrinking tunnel 

Composite moulding

  •  Mould release support for all resin types 
  •  Protection of work surfaces, moulds… 

Silicone Coated Glass Fabric

Industrial equipment

  •  conveyor belts 
  •  Oven curtains 
  •  Thermal insulation mattress 

Expanded PTFE

Chemical industry

  • Gaskets for flanges. 
  •  Sealing of heat exchangers 
  •  Seals for pump and compressor housings 

Thin wall PTFE tubing

Thin wall PTFE tubing

  • For pneumatic or compressed air system 
  •  Transport of chemical, food or pharmaceutical fluids 
  •  Insulating sleeves for electric systems or electronic industry